As some of you may know, I do the RPM Challenge every February.  If you have never heard me talk about this before, I encourage you to check out some of my older posts.

“Myshkin” is a tune I put on my RPM Challenge cd this year.  It was inspired by Dostoevsky’s character by that name in his book “The Idiot”.  It took me just about two years to finish that book!  It certainly is not an easy book to read.  I would read a few chapters and then put it down for a while.  As difficult as it was for me to read it, I enjoyed it tremendously.  There is so much going on in that story, but the important part was Myshkin’s feelings for both Nastasya Fillipovna and Aglaya Epanchin.  He loved both women for different reasons and it was my impression, though he didn’t really show it, that his heart was torn between the two.  As I was coming to the end of this book- the last 60 pages or so- I could not put it down! So much happened and I didn’t see any of it coming.  That was in January of this year, it still is in my head and I still think about it all the time.  Whenever I talk to someone who has read it, I get all nutty and want to talk about it with them and it could be for hours.  “The Idiot” will always be one of my all time favorites.  In my tune “Myshkin”, I tried to portray the anguish of loving two people simultaneously.  During the middle part, I had P.R. Portales (my sound engineer) use an octaver.   It represents the two women.  I think the rest of the tune and the Haiku, will be evident to the listener.  To hear “Myshkin” please click on the link below and tell me what you think!  While you are there, feel free to download it for free!  Thank you 🙂



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