“An Aimless Walk”

I met Brayton a couple of years ago in Savannah.  We became quick friends, as we were both artists who had a passion for our crafts.  He is an amazing poet.  I have heard him read and recite his poems on many occasions.  Sometimes he will read in a Dylan Thomas voice and it just adds so much to his readings. We had many a nights where we would sit over a couple of drinks and talk about literature and music, to this day, some of my favorite conversations with people here.  We often had some of the same ideas.  For example, this video posted below.  I wanted to do a video with one of my tunes, and he wanted to do one with one of his poems.  He usually executes his plans first.

When he and our friend Colter, who was producing the video, asked me if I wanted to accompany Brayton’s poem, “An Aimless Walk” I of course, said yes!  I recorded him reciting the poem so I could listen to it and get the feel for it.  One or both of them would walk through the Square and I would play what I had for them to see if they liked it.  They did.  Unfortunately, a lot of time went by before we actually got to the studio to record it.  I did the best I could to remember, but I think what actually came out was better.  It was mostly improv after hearing him read it again.  I am glad they liked it because I couldn’t remember what I did.  We kept it the first take. Brayton then recorded the poem and the sound guy put them together.  All of us liked the way it turned out.

Kyle, who shot the video, came to the Square with Brayton to film my “cameo’ of me playing while Brayton listened.  Then the two of us at the end in our favorite place to meet up.  What was really cool was, I kept waiting for Kyle to action or something like that and he told us to just talk like we always do.  o we were sitting there as we always did and then Kyle said, “Okay we are done.”  So what you see is genuine.

Brayton, Colter and Kyle have gone off and started to travel country- another one our same ideas he did first- and I am hoping to meet up with them somewhere along the way.  Maybe we can do another one!

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to put videos on here yet, so please click the link below and enjoy!  Thank you! 🙂


I almost forgot- Brayton has also published a book of his poems and it is  available on Amazon, here-


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