My Trip so Far

I left Savannah on August 8th to set out for an adventure and see some familiar places as well as some new ones.  I am hoping to make new friends as well as see some old friends. I started out in Atlanta where I was able to see a couple of friends and stayed with my friends Joseph and Colleen.  Unfortunately,  I didn’t get see everyone I wanted to.  I spent a lot of time sitting in traffic and getting lost while I was looking for a place to park that didn’t cost $10.  I first went to the Aquarium, and played on the corner Baker and Luckie (I think).  There certainly were better locations, but they had already been taken.  After almost two hours, I left there to go to the Little 5 Points.  I drove by and could not find a place to park so I just went back to the house.  Joseph went out with me later to the Little 5 and hung out while I played for a while.  After, we met up with Colleen and some of their friends.  That was a great time! I got to meet some really cool people.  The next day, Saturday, was a nightmare.  I had some really good ideas that I figured would work based on the first day.  I got to the Aquarium early, the spot I wanted was open, but there was a live band playing in Centennial Olympic Park right across the street.  So back to the Little 5.  I went to a coffee shop and and hung out there for a minute to cool off.  I found a good location and played there for the next 2 hours. At least I thought it was a good location.  Anyway, the second night I was there we all made a wonderful dinner together and my last night there, Joseph took me out to Sam’s to buy some food for the road.  It has definitely helped to save money in my travels.

Next I went to Memphis.  Figuring it is Elvis Tribute Week, I thought it would be the perfect time to go. I was wrong.  The only highlight I had in Memphis, was making a new friend, Jimmy Arnold.  He is the brother of my friend Glenn who lives in Tybee.  He sent me a message letting me know where he was going to be playing that night and invited me to come and watch and maybe even sit in.  I stayed for the entire gig.  His band was great and he is an awesome guitar player.  I think my favorite part of the show was when they did “Rocket Man”  the things Jimmy was doing with his guitar and the sound he had was phenomenal.  I did sit in, but not with him.  It was a pretty wild thing that happened.  There were other musicians in the audience.  The band left the stage and 3 other musicians were invited up to play.  Only the keyboard player remained.  So there were 5 perfect strangers that got up and played 2 songs.  Five perfect strangers with only one thing in common, music, we all spoke the same language and it was pretty awesome!  Jimmy bought me a cheeseburger and let me park my van in his driveway.  He was nothing short of awesome the entire time I was there.  Aside from that, Memphis broke my heart.  I couldn’t believe how different she was from just 2 years ago when I was there last.  That is really all I have to say about that.  Although, I did drive by Graceland and took a picture of the gates, it made me smile.

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  1. Denise Letourneau said:

    Sure do miss your smile in Savannah, thank you for sharing your travels. Becareful my friend….Denise (Jon Gallo’s friend)

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