My Trip- Part 4

On Thursday, I went to dinner with my friend, Diana and her sister and brother-in -law.  We were met there by a couple of other friends.  It was a great time and even though it wasn’t in Philly, I had one of the best cheese steaks ever!  Thank you to Bob and Shari for that night out, it was a great time!

I left the Pittsburgh in the middle of he next morning.  Since I was headed to Buffalo, it didn’t make sense to back track to Pittsburgh.  I figured I would spend the entire rest of the day in Buffalo and the next day, go up to Niagara Falls.  Unfortunately, that is not what happened.  Yes, I made it to Buffalo.  I even had done some research and discovered a permit was needed along with photo IDs.  I didn’t realize a passport photo was necessary.  Of course, everyone I know just happens to carry one on them all the time.  The lady told me there was concession stand or something, that has a camera “sometimes” to take a picture.  It would make more sense to me Buffalo, to have a camera there and charge $24.50 for the permit instead of $10.50 and running around.  That is just my opinion.   It was Friday night and I knew I had to get out somewhere.  I called the Niagara Falls clerk and got info for there.

It was 3:20 and I was in Buffalo.  City Hall in Niagara Falls, closes at 4pm.  She told me I wouldn’t make it.  I had to try!  I was almost there and GPS cut out on me at a critical moment and I got lost for about 10 minutes.  I was kinda hoping when the woman heard the desperation in my voice, she would wait a little bit past 4.  I got there at 4:06 and the janitor was already cleaning the office and everyone was gone, 6 lousy minutes!  She did warn me though, they close promptly at 4pm.   So I walked pitifully back to the van and had to think.

It was still kinda of early, so I thought I would head to Rochester, NY.  It is relatively close by, so I went for it.  They have a “Best Busker” contest in April, so I figured it would be a good stop.  I actually didn’t play Friday night.  I just couldn’t find a place that I felt safe in.  My friend Ed told me to go to the pier by the Lake Erie.  I got there and found I couldn’t play there because of a live band.  So I just hung out right there.  I saw a beautiful moon rise, followed by the sun the next morning, when I was awakened by the sweet songs of the seagulls!  A good ending to a night followed by a great start!

What brought me to Rochester was a blog entry I read  I wanted to go to the Rochester Open Market.  I got there very early- 7:30am and it was already packed.  Parking is free- if you can find it.  Fortunately, It didn’t take long.  The rules are exactly as E. Rogers said it was- 1. You must sign in and out.  2. Only a 2 hour spot, once a day, and 3.  3 buskers at a time.    I was playing my first hour  in what I thought was a good spot.  I was doing okay.  Another busker, waiting to play, came up and told me to move right into the middle of the people.  There was a bracket there and it was a great spot, no doubt.  I did better there and I was grateful for him telling me.  He even threw in a dollar!   When my time was up, I decided to just head out to Albany.  I wanted to be in a place early enough on a Saturday night in hopes of an awesome night!  After tonight, I will be in New England.  I am looking forward to that!

Lake Erie MoonLake Erie Sun

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