Asheville: Day 1

Technically it is day 2, but I arrived too late on Friday night  and could not play. Anyway, today was an interesting day.  First, let me say there is a lot of competition in this town as far as busking goes.  There are many acts that draw a huge crowd, at least in my opinion.  It makes it tough to find a good spot.  There was also a huge “Arts in the Park” today.  I took a walk through while I was looking.  There were lots of tents set up selling arts and crafts and other various items, a puppet show and live bands all day until 6:00.  Sometime after 11:00 am, I found a spot and set up there.  There wasn’t as much foot traffic as the other areas, but it worked out pretty well.  I played for over an hour and a half and it was time to eat.  After my lunch, I found another spot, again not much in the way of foot traffic, but also again, it worked out well.  I played there for about the same amount of time. It was a decent shift, and people here are very friendly.  It is also a beautiful town, seemingly, with something going on all of the time.  I actually took some time to listen to the band for a little while. Something I don’t normally do, due to time constraints.  It is nice to take in and explore the town, instead of going in, playing, and getting out. I am really liking the idea of spending a little bit of time in each city and seeing what it has.

Late in the afternoon, I went to Cafe Azalea, to see my friend Angela, who just recently moved here; her husband, Noah, is training and about to be deployed to Afghanistan in a few weeks.  I hung out there for a little while and caught up with her while she worked.

I got back downtown in the early evening.  I tried the first spot I was at earlier, but to no avail. As I walked around, looking for a new spot, I accidentally happened across the spot I was had 2 years ago.  I did fairly well there before, so I thought I would try it again.  There was much more foot traffic, but as I found out, it doesn’t necessarily mean more tips.  I am fine with that though. It makes me think of trying a whole new approach, we’ll see.  When I was done, I went to the gas station for a coffee. When I got back,I wanted to find a place to park for the night before I went back out.

As I was finishing my smoke, I got out and locked my van- with the keys in it!  I chuckled for a second while I thought of my friend, Ryan, who told me time and time again to get a duplicate.  I keep putting it off, but no more.  So, I am looking for a way to get back in the van. I found a big stick and had it going through the window which was slightly open. I was reaching across and trying like hell to roll down the window from the other side. All of a sudden, I hear “HEY! PUT THAT DOWN” in a voice that could only belong to a police officer.  Startled, I threw my hands in the air and calmly said, “I can assure you, this is my van.” She asked me some questions, I gave her my ID, and she had me sit on the curb.  Surprisingly, I wasn’t nervous or even a little scared – no shakes!  Anyway, of course everything checked out and a few seconds later, another officer pulled up.  She told him it was all good.  I asked if they had tools, and of course they didn’t- why would they?

The cool thing about this is, they weren’t going to leave until I got my keys.  They were super cool and even gave me a few ideas.  I think it was the third idea, with some help from my neck strap, we got them.  McGuyver has nothing on us!  I thank and hugged them both.  The first officer said “Sorry, I scared you.”  I told her “No worries, just doing your job.”  I mean what if it was somebody else with a big stick pushed through the window?  I would want her to scare that person!  They were great and I am grateful for their help.  By the time I got my keys, it was well after 10:30.  I could not go back out again.  I am okay with that, it has been a great day in a lot of ways and I am here all day tomorrow!

  1. Denise said:

    So enjoy reading about your Adventures.. Safe travels my friend

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