Asheville: Day 3

The day started off chilly with an overcast, I thought it was going to be a crappy day.  It wasn’t, it turned out to be a beautiful day.  Asheville is very different on Monday than it is on the weekend!  I wasn’t sure if I was going to stay another day or leave.  Remembering the deal I made with my brother-in-law, I decided to stay at least for the afternoon.  I went to a few of the same locations I had been to all weekend which seemed to be working for me.  Maybe they weren’t working quite as well, but this time there were a few people who hung around and listened for a little while,  A gentleman came over from the outside dining area he was in when I done, it was pretty cool.

It was time to get something to eat.   I had some soup chicken soup with me that my brother-in-law made, but I wasn’t as diligent with cooler as I should have been.  Since it was mainly broth at this point anyway, I drank it from the container.  One drink, and that was enough for me!  I went to a place I had been looking at all weekend.   I got a sausage biscuit with egg and cheese and a small coffee.  It was okay, I don’t think they use buttermilk in their biscuits as they were kinda heavy.  The rest was fine, but it seemed pricey to me.  It would have been a decent price if it came with homefries or fruit.  It was what I needed though, and it hit the spot.  I had wanted one since Saturday.  Anyway….

It was the early afternoon and I thought I would go back out to play.  I went to a new place, right on a corner and after 50 minutes, it was tiime to move.  I was walking around and saw a place that was finally empty.  I thought I would go a little bit further and check another spot- The Iron Sculpture.  The last time I was there, it took me forever to find it, and when I did, someone was always there.  This time, I found it right away and I walked by it several times and still, somebody was always Ironthere.  I finally got to play at The Iron, seemingly, the hottest spot in downtown Asheville- at least from my understanding.  So I played for about an hour.  Now, I know I am no Sonny, but I don’t suck either,  after that hour I had $5.  I will admit to being a little disappointed.  I found throughout the entire weekend, and I know it seems odd, but I did better in the more obscure places with less foot traffic.  Hey Man, whatever works- at least in Asheville!

It was now late afternoon.  I went back to the van and contemplated for a little while.  After a smoke, I decided it was time to go.  But I am hoping to be back there next week to see a couple of people I won’t see for a long time after this.  I think it will be worth hanging around this area for one more week.  Again, the beauty of no time constraints!

I went to Knoxville and  straight to Market Square.  I was so happy with myself  that I did it without GPS!

I walked in to Market Square and it was quiet…. too quiet.  That was fine with me.  I was the  only busker in there and it made a huge difference from the last time.  There was a trio of ladies out to dinner and a few other couples, who thanked me for the “dinner music”.  I am on a quest to learn at least one new song this week,  I mentioned to some people I would be here for a little while.  Hopefully, I will see them again with a new tune!

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