I love coming to Knoxville and playing at Market Square!  Not only is it a cool a place, but my brother lives just outside of Knoxville and I get to see him and the family, and I also have a friend that lives here and I get to see him for a bit.  When I was here 2 months ago, it was a little different.  It was kind of a zoo over there with all of the different performers and superheroes that were out there. It may be like that again on the weekend, I don’t know, we’ll see.  Anyway, since I pulled in on Sunday night, it has been wonderful!

Yesterday, I was there for the lunch crowd and I could swear I saw Leonardo DiCaprio.  I told him, at first glance he looked just like him.  He told me he gets that all the time. We talked for a few minutes, then I got to work.  He was walking around the Square, kinda looking around. About 20 minutes after I had made the Leo comment, someone else said it to him.  His response “It’s the beard”  Which is what I said to him when I told him people say I look like Billy Bob Thorton- I just don’t see it, so it must be my beard.  I chuckled.  Later he came over and put a tip in my tip box.  He was still there when I left and so I went over to him and talked for a few more minutes and I left.  Obviously, it wasn’t Leo and I didn’t get his name, but it was kinda cool.

Later in the afternoon I had some time on my hands so I messaged a friend I hadn’t talked to in a while.  It was great to catch up a little bit.  There was a misunderstanding a while back, and well, it got fixed and I am happy about that.  I also got a hold of my friend who lives here and we got together and watched the Red Sox.  That was a pitching match from hell!  And after that, I talked to my friend, Lisa, who took some photos of me a few years ago. Two of them, as well as many others of her photos are hanging up in a restaurant just outside of Asheville. On my way here on Sunday, I saw a sign for Fatz Cafe and pulled in to take a look.  And there they were! I had to let her know I saw them.  We talked for a bit on the phone  and it was great catching up with her.  You can see her work at  Check it out!

Yesterday, was an awesome day for friend reconnects!

After watching the Sox win, I went back out for a little while. Again, as it seems to happen a lot, people came over from the outside dining area of the restaurant I play in front of and we talk for a bit.  Or they come over after dinner and say how much they appreciate the “dinner music”.

I love this town!

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