In response to my post yesterday, I want to mention, later in the day I realized I had left out a pretty important piece.  Without my  fans and the people who stop by while I am playing and throw a little something in the tip box, I wouldn’t even have this adventure at all!  So thank you to all of you!


Okay, I got into Lexington early on Friday afternoon, it was a beautiful, sunny day. As usual, I go around the center of town a couple of times looking for a spot and/or a place to park.  I found a place on a corner along a yellow brick wall.  It seemed like the best place as there were a few restaurants in the area.  Though there wasn’t much foot traffic and I got there after lunch, I fared pretty well for the first 90 minutes.  There were also a couple of interactions that I thought were cool. After a young man tipped me on his way to work, he ran back down from half a block away to get a picture.  I loved his enthusiasm.  It has been a while since anyone wanted to have a picture with me.  Shortly thereafter, I hear “HEY MAN!’ from the middle of the street and I responded “YO!”  As he got closer, he said “Thank you for bring a little culture to our city!” and then he tipped me.  He didn’t stick around for conversation but I told him while he passed “It is entirely my pleasure!” And he said “Keep playin'”  so I did.

Later on that night, I walked around for a spot and there really wasn’t much going on, especially since it was a Friday night.  I tried a couple of places and ended up down by the fountains.  It is a beautiful park area and people definitely walked by there.  I didn’t do well there at all, but I would not have done any better anywhere else.  It was a slow night. Though for the second time in a day, someone wanted a picture with me.  It got very cold and so I went back to the van around 9 and went to bed.

I woke up to a 28 degree morning around 6 am.  I did not want to get out from under my blankets.  Eventually I had to and I found my way to a McD’s for breakfast and to do my work.  I got back downtown around 12pm thinking it is Saturday and people would be out walking around.  I was half right.  I found there was a Farmer’s Market in the pavilion in the center of town.  There are certain rules in busking, no matter what city you are in. Knowing these rules, I set up well outside of that, it was almost closed anyway.  I moved a long to 2 more locations. I was amazed at how many restaurants and shops were closed.   Yes, it was overcast, windy and cold- 48 degrees, but I have never seen a city  so empty on a Saturday afternoon.  I checked to see if it was game day, and it wasn’t.  UK was playing an away game.  I asked around to see if this was normal, or if it was the weather.  From my understanding, it was a little of both.  Seeing I wasn’t going to do much in the way of business, I took off to Louisville.

The people of Lexington are very nice and personable.  I enjoyed my time there, I think during the spring would be an amazing time to busk there.  The ones that did stop and tip and/or talk to me made me feel very welcome there.  There was a certain look in there faces that they were happy to hear some music on the street and perhaps would like to see more of that.

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