I got to Louisville around 5 pm on Saturday.  I found the 4th Street District to be the most busy place after walking around a little bit.  I saw a police officer and asked if it busking is allowed without a permit and he said, “Oh sure, just set up where ever you want as long as you don’t block any sidewalks”  Of course for two blocks of the 4th Street District, one does not play in there.  I set up in front of the Visitor’s Center after a couple of trial and error locations and for over 90 minutes, played my heart out. It never ceases to amaze me that sometimes a person will come up and start talking to me while I am actually playing and expect an immediate response.  It doesn’t happen often, but I do find it amusing! It was a good shift, people are very nice in Louisville! I got to meet a couple of very nice people.  A woman, named Whitney came out of the hotel bar and listened for a minute and when I stopped, she asked about Gilda.  She plays Tenor and also has and old Conn! It was a great conversation and she actually gave me a tip for breaking in a 3 reed.  I didn’t buy any reeds before I left because I found a box of 3’s that I have had for some time.  So, thank you for that!

Since it was the Saturday before Halloween, there was a huge costume party in the 4th Street District.  I put my new mask on and walked around during my break.  I kept trying to find a tv that I could watch from the outside to catch the Sox game.  There wasn’t one, they all had college football or soccer.  I finally broke down and went into a place to watch the game for a little while.

I got back out to where I was around 9:00 and as I found out, apparently, amplification is allowed in Louisville busking.  A man had his electric guitar and a microphone set up outside and he was there for a long time.  It kinda ruins it for other people that want to busk, as one would have to be at the end of the next block.  Nobody is walking there and there is no kind of security there either.  I also heard that this man comes down to Louisville from Cincinatti every weekend, so he must do very well. Like I said, kinda ruins it for others.  Anyway…..

Sunday morning, I found my way back to the Visitor Center.  I wanted to be there for the lunch crowd.  It was not very busy at all.  I played for an hour and went back to the van to go to a different spot.  I wish it was that easy, I forgot where I parked and I walked around for 40 minutes until I found it, ugh!  I went to Museum Row and played across the street from a large “David” statue, nobody was walking there.  I found this to be the case throughout every area I went to there.  Louisville is very spread out, there isn’t a particular place where one can find a lot of foot traffic. In some cases, any.  It appears the best time and place is Friday and Saturday in the 4th Street District.  Buskers, once you get a spot- stay there as long as you can!

In between my playing times, I walked down Museum Row.  There were sculptures and statues all the way down.  On the “Walk of Fame” there were home plate sculptures with baseball legends names on them and their Louisville Slugger and the model they used upright next to it.  It was pretty cool to see those all the way down to the Louisville Slugger factory and museum.  I went in there and it is a great place!  I looked around at all the stuff that didn’t require a fee and it was awesome.  I actually got there a little too late to take the final tour for the day.  I would like to have done that. While I was there, I met a man named Daniel, who lives in Chicago.  We started talking about the bats and he saw my gear and we started talking about music. He is a very nice guy and he is in a band in Chicago and told me to let him know when I will be there.  He talked about a place to stay and possibly sitting in with his band.  I hope I will be able to do that, if our sound gels, I most definite;y will!

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