It has been a while since my last post. I have not had much internet access over the past several days. Finally, I am able to make an update. When I left the Indianapolis area last Thursday, I went up to Angola. My friend Wes lives there and it would be a great opportunity to spend a little time with him and his family. I had met the rest of his family when they came to Savannah for the filming and screening of his film “Ace in the Hole” Also, as I discovered, there are many areas I could go busking within an hour of his house. I stayed there from Thursday night to Monday morning. During that time, his family was nothing but wonderful to me. His Mom bought me a bag of candy corn, which I love! His step-dad Doug, gave me some coolant for the van. Wes treated me to coffee at Great Lakes Chocolate and Coffee Shop every morning. His brother Braden, took me around one morning/afternoon and should me all the beautiful foliage and some of the lakes in the area. It was awesome to hang out with him and get to know him a little better.
Unfortunately, I was only able to busk on Friday night. That was trick or treat night “on the mound” in downtown Angola. Aside from one kid heckling me say, “Get a job!” it was a really good time out there that night. It was fun to see all the costumes kids and adults were wearing. They were very friendly and some of the kids walking by with their parents, put some candy bars in my tip box! They were all very appreciative of the music I was playing. There were a couple of people who inquired as to what kind of saxophone I was playing. I didn’t realize how close to Elkhart I was. One of the gents who asked, was a man named Robert. He works maintenance at the Conn-Selmer factory in Elkhart. He invited me to come over and he would show me around. More about that, in my next post. I wish I had got down there sooner, after an hour and change, it looked like trick or treat was over- and so nobody would be around. So I went back to Wes’ house.

On Saturday and Sunday, I made breakfast for everyone and that was pretty awesome. We had omelets with homefries and french toast on the first day, and pancakes, scrambies and bacon or kielbasa. Marianne (his Mom) made a wonderful dinner each night- at least I thought it was wonderful! She and Doug did all the catering during the filming of “Ace” and it was awesome then too! At the coffee shop Wes and I went to in the morning, the people working there are very cool. I don’t know their real names as they were in costume the first day we went there. Known to me as Amelia Earhart and Ancient History, they made each visit to the Great Lakes coffee shop, not only fun- but also memorable. On the last day, I gave them a cd, I hope they are enjoying it, and they gave me my last coffee on the house- which I thoroughly enjoyed! During these morning coffees, Wes and I had some pretty awesome conversations about life, career and our futures. It was time well spent. As I mentioned earlier, I was only able to busk that one night, on account of the weather and Wes had to work every night I was there. Braden and I watched football during the afternoon on Sunday and joined later in the day by Doug and Marianne.

Monday came and it was time to go. I had an awesome weekend with Wes and his family. Their hospitality was nothing short of excellent. I wish I could have stayed longer, but they had work and so did I, it was time to get back to the road. Although, before I left on Monday, I played a really jazzy version of “Happy Birthday” for Wes’ Grandma. It was a few days early, but she didn’t mind! She was looking forward to hearing me play something since I got there and I didn’t want to disappoint. Although, I am little disappointed I didn’t get a picture of all of us.

  1. Katherine Wickey said:

    We loved having you here and your cd is amazing! I wish I could have heard you play in person. Hope to see you again, James!

    • Thank you for the kind words. It has only been 3 days, but I miss my mornings there! Maybe I will be back that way in the spring. I am so happy you like my cd! ๐Ÿ™‚

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