Normal, Illinois: Day 2

I woke up to my second 28 degree morning and did not want to get out from under those blankets! I eventually did and immediately got a coffee.  After a brief chat with a friend, I found my way to downtown.  I like being in these smaller towns sometimes, and the reason is- people in small towns are not use to seeing buskers.  In fact, an older gent with a pipe came up to me and said “Don’t see many buskers these days.”  I had short conversation with him and told him what I was doing.  He was a sweet man and wished me luck. Another man pulled up in his car and waved me over to give me a tip. He said he heard me up the street.  There really is a warm feeling in a lot of these smaller towns.  After I was done there, I went back Uptown to be there if that man was to walk by again.  Well, he did.  When I saw him, I said “Are you the man I spoke to yesterday?”  He said “Yes. Are you going to be around Saturday?”  I said “That depends”  we talked for a few minutes and yes, I will be here until Saturday.   It is time to brush up on Holiday tunes!

After over 2 hours of playing I decided to get some food.  I walked into a sub shop and immediately got my chops busted for wearing my Patriots hat. As he was fixing my sub, we talked football.  His team is the Bears. There was a lot of talk about the Monday night game, and how weird it was.  I didn’t get to see it, so I took his word for it. It just seems like a weird season all the way around with the unlikely people getting some serious injuries.  Anyway, I enjoyed my sub and left.

I went back to the Uptown area. I couldn’t make it the entire 90 minutes as the temp was 35 degrees. I played my heart out for the time I was there though!  Before I even played a note, a man came by and said “My Son is a starving saxophonist” and tipped me. Chuckling, I said “He and I have something in common!”  It was a great way to start that shift! I wanted that 90 minutes, but I fell short by about 15. It was just too cold to stay out there any longer, even dressed as warm as I was. It was time to go somewhere and get warm.  

When I looked at the map, I had no idea this was a college town.  Illinois State University is here and it has a really nice campus, as far as I can tell.  Also, I didn’t even look into busking laws here. While I was out the first day, a couple of police cars passed me and didn’t stop, so I took that as a good sign.  At night, they walk by me, nod and smile!  So, for other buskers, that may pass through here- as far as I can tell, there is no permit necessary. As always just follow the unwritten rules.

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