Springfield, Ill

I left Normal, Ill and headed to Springfield.  I only spent the one day there and I didn’t play because of all the playing I did on Saturday my lip needed a break. I drove around into town on Sunday, sometime around 11ish am. It is a cool city drenched in history. Though it is not the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, he lived there for nearly 20 years of his life.  He was there during his run for President.  The Lincoln Home National Historic Site is an area of Springfield that doesn’t just preserve his home, but also the neighborhood in which he lived.  It is all fenced off and from I could see, free admission.  It kinda reminded me of Strawberry Banke, back in my hometown of Portsmouth, NH to a degree.  I did not take the guided tour, but I walked around and stood on the very steps Lincoln stood on during a parade they had in his honor during his election campaign.  I also went into his backyard and saw the pumps he must have used for water.  It is a beautiful little area there.  The vibes walking through there are pretty intense too.  

In the gift shop, they have a scale model of the area.  One can push buttons and light up certain areas, such as his walk to work and back home as he cut through the backyards of his neighbors. There were some other highlights, but that one intrigued me the most.  There is also a cast of his hands and face that were made there.  I think it was bronze, made from a plaster cast someone did back in the 1860s. I can’t remember the artist’s name. It wasn’t a sculpture, which there were lots of those in the town but an actual size of him. It was pretty cool.  

Before I did all of that though, I actually found my way to Lincoln’s tomb.  On the way up the path to it, there are signs that say “Silence Respect”  and there are more than one.  I was glad to be there when there wasn’t a tour or lots of people. I past a couple of people on the way up, had the place to myself for a while, and past a couple on the way back.It was an amazing experience.  I would have to meditate there for a while like I did at Johnny Mercer’s grave back in Savannah, but it didn’t feel right.  It was more than enough to just be in a place so revered by the people and soak that up.  The trees were still changing colors and leaves falling as the wind blew and standing there, with no other noise was- like I said- absolutely amazing!

There was another spot I drove by where an entire wall was painted.  I have seen a lot of outdoor wall art on this trip so far, and I hope it continues.  It seems wherever it is, it is certainly representative to the town it is in. I know I need to post photos, but they are on my phone and I didn’t have my usb cable.  I will post more photos as soon as I can.  In addition to all of these wonderful things, The original RT 66 goes right through there, only a few blocks from Lincoln’s Home!

I left there later in the afternoon and headed to St. Louis. There is rumor of snow here tonight, ugh!

And also, before I forget- Happy Veteran’s Day to those serving and who have served! Thank you!!

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