I have been in the Dallas area for about a week.  I have been a guest of Scott and Traci in Carrollton.  They invited me to stay for Thanksgiving.  I had never met them in person until last Thursday. I met Traci on Facebook or Twitter through a mutual friend. There have been a few people from social networking that I have met in person during this trip.  I hope to meet as many as I can!  Anyway,  After the first day I went out, the next 2-3 days it either rained or was just too cold to go out.  All I can say, is I am so grateful I had a place to be inside, dry and warm.  It also gave me a chance to get to know this family.  Scott and Traci have 2 kids and I am just in awe of this family and how close knit they are.  One hears a lot today about how “family” time is kind of losing its way.  Not here.  I don’t want to go into their private lives too much, but they do a lot of things
together.  People stop by all the time and they are welcome, anytime.  They have also made me feel very much part of their family.  

On the first day I was able to go out, I went to the Denton area, just north of Dallas. On Traci’s recommendation,  I went to a place called Weinberger’s Deli. I talked to them about playing outside their restaurant.  They didn’t have a problem with it.  However, since the sidewalk is city property, it wouldn’t make a difference if the police asked me to leave.  They didn’t come, so it wasn’t an issue.  When I was done, I went inside to thank them and Charlie, the co-manager, asked me if I wanted a sandwich.  He was very nice and he made me a lunch, complete with chips and a brownie! Weinberger’s is a huge supporter of the Denton Blues Festival, which means they love music.  I was grateful for that and the lunch.  They have a great menu and the sandwiches are delicious!  On that day, it was a slow day, but there was a moment with a little girl, that just made my heart melt.  She had the biggest smile while her Mom and Grandma stayed in their parking space with the window down through a couple of tunes. It was so adorable!

After lunch, I went to Fry St.. That is the area where the college is. I got right out on the corner where all the action was. I played a for just over an hour and the wind had picked up. It was a nice sunny day, a little chilly but not bad. The wind got a little out of control, blowing leaves in my face and almost knocking over my tip box. It was kinda of comical. By this time it just got too cold, I went back to the house. The next day, Tuesday was cloudy, cold and overcast. I did manage to get out for a 90 minute shift in Carrollton, at the town Square. I imagine,the weather had something to do with business, but at least I was trying.

Wednesday was a big day. Scott and Traci own a Chick fil-a and they had me come in play for while during lunch. That was a great time, the people seemed to enjoy the show- customers and staff. I know I enjoyed it! When I was done, one of their employees played guitar for a while. His name is Robert, 20 years old and really good on the guitar! I stayed and listened to him and thoroughly enjoyed what he was doing. He did some really nice work a 12 string also. When I left there, I went back into downtown Dallas, to Pelican Plaza.

My first 90 minute shift went okay. My second 90 minute shift went very well. People were out, and they were walking by and having a wonderful time. I like downtown Dallas at night, the way it is lit up. I was working down the street from a green outlined building and there were purple lights lighting up the upper half of another building. On my way back to the house, I got a little lost. I got to see the city lit up from the outside. By far, so far, Dallas is the prettiest city I have seen at night time. The skyline is unbelievable! I wish I could have taken a photo of that.

Today we are celebrating Thanksgiving. The list of things I am thankful for is a long one, but here are a few- I am thankful, not just today, but everyday for the people who come into my life. I am also thankful for the opportunity to take this trip I am on, the help I am receiving along the way. Obviously, my friends and family and the love between all of us. I am thankful for you, my readers, fans, listeners for taking an interest in me and my music.

Thank you, to all of you! May you all have a most wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones and a safe weekend! 🙂

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