Austin: Days 2 and 3

Even when Austin is “slow” there are more people walking around town on these days than other cities that are considered busy. Although, that doesn’t mean they tip as well as they do on Friday or Saturday.  As I mentioned also, with Austin being the Live Music Capital of the World, it is hard for buskers to well here.  Anyway, the last couple days in Austin have been pretty cool otherwise.  I got to walk around for a little bit, I try not to walk too much on account of my ankle but, there is a lot to see here. I haven’t even scratched the surface! I was going to leave this morning and head to San Antonio, but one of the main reasons I wanted to come to Austin was to see the bats! I found out yesterday, when and where to be. So I am going to be there tonight to see the bats and then head to San Antonio. 

I have met some cool people in this town. On my first day, I met a man named John and he gave me his info. I called him yesterday and it turns out he has also done some traveling. I am looking forward to sharing stories with him. The security guards, Bruce and Z, who work for the building on the corner I played at. They were awesome! They were kinda looking out for me while I was out there and we had some great conversations too.  There are a several cool statues downtown, only two I took photos of. One was Willie Nelson, right outside of Austin City Limits and the other is a statue of Angelina Eberly. It was her actions with a canon, that help keep Austin the state capital instead of moving to Houston.  I met a young woman named Katrina, who was working to raise money for Philippine children, in the wake of the typhoon.  I could not give any money. Grateful for all of the help I have been receiving, I thought it would be nice to do something.  I told her I would set up and play for an hour and whatever I made in tips, I would donate.  Well, that lasted about 6 minutes.  The security guard there was not as cool. I was right on 6th street.  He told me “No, no way” I didn’t argue. As he walked by, he also told me the police might give me a citation for soliciting if they saw me doing that. Well, the police had seen me a million times, and I had no problems.  I guess there are certain areas on 6th St. one can not busk.  Needless to say, I received no tips in in that brief  time. I said “I am sorry, I tried”  She said, “It’s okay, thank you for trying.”  We shook hands and I went on my way.

There were  a lot of interactions with people while I was playing. The people here are friendly and genuinely love music. Austin seems to be a friendly city and generally pretty clean. I like the idea of all the food trailers in this town.  I would liked to have gone to more of them for that “Austin” experience.  I got to go to one and that was a lot of fun!  I am a little disappointed I lost the card of the young man I met in Fayettville, AR. It must have been when I reorganized the Pearl. I have looked everywhere for that card, Billy, if you read this, please know that I am sorry.  Rest assured, I will be passing back through here again at some point, I like this town for a lot of reasons. If I was to settle here, I would definitely need to get a full time job and look for a band to join, or perhaps start one. It would not be easy.  I talked with my friend who lives here, and have done some of my on research. Though I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here, the cost of living is very high here. For now, I am going to continue my travels and see what else is out there.  Hopefully, I will get to meet more of you out there!



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