Austin: Day 4

I stayed in Austin to see the bats. I had been warned that most of them have already migrated. I was also told there would still be some, just not the “summer extravaganza” that one hears about. I got to the Congress St. Bridge about 40 minutes before the sunset. As I waited, I met a young man named Andy, who also was there to see the bats. It was first time there as well. He was here from Taiwan on business. We got to talking and had a pretty cool conversation. We both thought the boats in the water were there to see the bats too, they weren’t, it was there crew team, I think and the other boat was a river boat tour. As it got later, I asked someone walking by, what the story was. He said we were on the wrong side. So we crossed and saw “some” just circling under the bridge and one or two taking off into the dark. People who told me, were right on the money. But at least, I saw a beautiful sunset, made a new friend and got to see some of the bats! Not a total loss at all!

I can’t believe I forgot to mention this before; the night before, when I was on a break, I heard some beautiful opera music. I didn’t know where it was coming from, just knew that it was close by. When I went to work and I got back, there was still some opera being played and some other music. I went across the street to get a sub, and saw people looking up. I stopped and looked up. I had never seen anything like it, I can only describe it as “High Rise” Ballet. People on ropes hanging off the building and doing a choreography to the music. There was obviously a story between the man and the woman. The other parts of the cast did a wonderful job too. Between the ballet and music it was so beautiful- I cried! I stood there and watched the last 20 minutes of their show in awe! When they were done, I turned to go in the sub shop and they had closed! That was fine with me, as I found another sub shop a little while later.

After the bats, I left for San Antonio.

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