Photos from Las Cruces Y La Mesilla

I have taken a lot of photos in the last couple of days. These are the best, I think, of the ones I took. Some are blurry, sorry about that. These are also photos of the White Sands Desert and a couple from the Farmer’s Market in Las Cruces. There are several of the moon rising over the mountains while the sun is setting. I got a couple of tamales and had a nice solo picnic while I watched that. It was amazing! Also a few I took of some things in the Pearl my niece and nephews have given me, I want to let them know I am using the ornaments they gave me! Anyway, I am going to be here for a few more days. I hope to have some more cool photos to share!

Albert Askenazi

Don Quixote 2

Don Quixote 4

Don Quixo

Don Quixote 1

Don Quixote in the Study

Don Quixote on Rust

Don Quixote Sculpture

Multiple Don Quixote

Sad Don Quixote

Billy the Kid Marker

Billy the Kid Trial

Arch with a cactus

Entance to shops and galleries

Wine Store

El Patio

El Patio Historic Marker

El Patio at night

Luminaires on the roof

Mesilla Door

La Posta Marker

La Posta

The Bsilica of San Albino

Lighting the Luminaires

Luminaires and the Basilica of San Albino

Light the tree and the Basilica

Me and the tree

On the way to White Sands

Desert Moon 1

Desert Moon 2

A couple having some fun

Desert Moon 3

Desert Sun 1

Desert Sun 2

Sun and Plant 2

White Sands 5

White Sands 3

Sun and plant

White Sands 1

White Sands 4

White Sands 2

Jainey and Miles

Santa arrives on a Harley!

La Mesilla Plaza

La Mesilla Plaza 2

Las Cruces Farmer's Market

Las Cruces Farmer's Market 2

Outdoor Dining

Plaza 2


Moon Rise 1

Moon Rise 2

Moon Rise 3

Moon Rise 4

Moon Rise 5

Sunset 1

Sunset 2

Sunset 3

Sunset 4

Sunset 6

Sunset 7

Sunset 8

Sunset 9

Sunset 10

Sunset 11

Sunset 12

Sunset 13

Sunset 14

Sunset 15

Hezzy 2

Hezzy 1


Thank you for taking a look!

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