Tucson: Part 2

By the time the Monday (the 23rd) came around, I was really missing Las Cruces. There was something about the Busking in Tucson that just didn’t feel good to me.  Though there is no permit necessary and the police leave you alone, there was just something about it.  The street I was on, 4th Ave., reminded me of Savannah’s River St.- and not in a good way. Of, course, both streets have their good points, they also have the not so good.  Anyway, there is a seemingly large population of homeless there (for obvious reasons) and the panhandling, it is tough to make any money.  In the 6-7 times I went out, I actually had one decent shift, the rest were well below average. Obviously I didn’t go out on Christmas Day, but after my movie and dinner I did check out the scene and it was just as I expected.  It was the same on Christmas Eve.  I thought I would stay through the weekend and play at the Farmer’s Market, but I had trouble finding it/them through my GPS.  It kept taking me to produce stands even though I punched in Farmer’s Market, I tried 3 times and went to 3 different locations.  Just aside note, the roads there are terrible too.

There were a couple of good things that happened though, one, I got to meet another Facebook friend in person.  We met up at The Blue Willow restaurant and had breakfast.  They do a great job at that restaurant, the food was really good.  I always have oj at breakfast without seeing how much it costs, imagine my surprise when the bill came and it was $4.50! It was good oj, to be sure, but really?  I had a wonderful conversation and meeting with my friend, it was an awesome way to start the day. When we left, we stopped in the gift shop and she bought some cards for friends and surprised me at the car with a Peace Frog ornament.  It is beautiful, and it is hanging up in the van.  Thank you, Sarah! It was great to meet you and hang out for a a couple of hours.  

The second was at the Pilot Travel Center. I stayed there Christmas Eve and Christmas night. I was able to see “A Christmas Story” That made me really happy, I can’t have Christmas without that or “It’s a Wonderful Life” I prefer both, but one or the other will suffice. On Christmas Day, I got productive and did laundry and the people at Pilot didn’t charge me for a shower. In return, I gave the man, Travis, a cd. Later on, courtesy of my friend, JT back in NH, I went to see a movie and had dinner in restaurant after.  Not even close to being with family and/or friends whether they be old or new, and believe me I missed them. It was tougher than I would be on Christmas Day, especially seeing the photos everyone was posting. JT thank you so much for your gift that day! I also want to thank those that gave me call or a text to wish me a Merry Christmas! When I got back to the Pilot I was talking to a person who works there (I didn’t get her name) about how  each of our Holiday was. 

The weather was great in Tucson and it didn’t get to cold at night.  I met  couple of really cool people and I played well. However, the general vibe of the town as a Busker, is not a good one- at least for me.

I went to Phoenix on Friday night, I was excited about that because I was going to see a friend of mine there and that would have been awesome. In less than 24 hours, I managed to get marked by 2 different people on a 3 block stretch. Though I did decent on the Friday night I was there, I didn’t feel like it was good idea to stick around on Saturday. I didn’t get to see my friend, but I will- another time.  We just had a chat and we will meet up in a couple of months.

 All I am going to say about Busking in Tempe on Mill Ave. is this, there is plenty of traffic. There is enough to go around for everyone- there was no need for a couple of people to be arrogant and/or nasty- especially when one of them was a fu***** panhandler! No permit necessary to Busk there either, but watch out for the territorial ass**** that are there, not very professional and not to understanding of “the code”.  I generally don’t like to talk this, however, I feel it is warranted. I make no apologies if I offend anyone.


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