Las Cruces Sunset

When I was in Las Cruces, I had the pleasure of seeing some beautiful sunsets. I thought I would share a few photos and a description of how I saw my first one. My friend Ben challenged me to write five different versions of this from different points of view. I only wrote four- I will get to a 5th one eventually. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my next few posts. I wasn’t going to post these, but as i told people about it, it was suggested that I do. This one is how I saw it as it happened.

One day in Las Cruces, I came back from White Sands Desert and caught the tail end of a sunset. I felt it necessary to find a spot the next day and watch it. I bought a couple of tamales and found a decent place to watch the spectacle I missed the night before.
I pulled over and said “Where is my Moon” within a few moments she started to come out over the Organ Mountains-as if she peeked out to see if I was there before making her appearance.

As the sun was going down, she was coming out in full regalia! The colors were beautiful. I have seen many sunsets, 99% of which were on the east coast. The blue in the sky was a different blue. It was a lighter blue than I have seen, kinda of a silvery blue- the kind of blue one might see on a building in Miami or South Florida- reminiscent of the Art Deco Period. As the Moon went higher, the sky darkened to the deep rich midnight blue.

The mountains, during all of this time had their own thing going on. As the sun was going down, the jagged skyline of the mountains were fiery red. It almost appeared as if they were ablaze. It was only momentarily though. Standing there, in awe of this magnificent show, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Within a few minutes (maybe 15) the mountains put on their own show. The red calmed to a almost pink. The pink turned into a shade of purple. The kind of purple like a Lilac. At one moment, I swear I could even smell the lilacs wafting. From there it went to a really warm gold. As the Moon went higher, it was if she was acknowledging the Sun and thanking him for such a show. At the last moment of sunlight, it was if the tips of the mountains looked liked candles individually lit. The Moon smiled in approval, she nodded at me as if to say “thank you for coming” and then blew them out.

My photos are not in order, but I hope you get the gist. Thank you for reading!

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