After visiting Savannah for the annual Jazz

Photo by

Photo by

Festival in 2009, James fell in love with the city and quit the restaurant business in
which he worked for 25 years to make it as a musician.  He has been playing Jazz
for 6 years and has been playing his current  1925 Conn Alto Saxophone  that he
has fondly christened “Gilda,” after the 1946 movie starring Rita Hayworth.
After more than 3 years in the Squares of Savannah, it was time for a change. His insatiable wanderlust
after taking a few road trips, was calling him back to the road.  In mid October 2013, he decided
to hit the road for an indefinite amount of time.  Seeing the country at his own pace
and to meet as many of his fans and new friends as possible.  He will be posting almost daily
about his adventure.  Keep checking back or click “Sign me up” button on the homepage.
Or If you are slightly more daring and you have a Kindle, you can have delivered there automatically!.
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  1. Hello love the site. We meet today in Boca. I took your photos. Wanted to see if you have an email so I can send you them. They turn out lovely.

    • Hey Amanda, Thank you for checking it out so quickly! I thought I had an email here, it is It was awesome meeting and thank you for sharing the photos. Please be sure to check out my James Rinalducci Jazz Page on facebook!

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